🌟 Single/Bulk Page(s) Import In Collection
Besides the above, we have also introduced the capability to import single or bulk pages at the collection level. With this, you can quickly import pages from the collection menu and automatically add new pages with imported file’s content. Huge time saver, this will be!
🎉 Zip File Import
We know that working with large sets of files can be time-consuming, which is why we've added the Zip File Import feature. With this feature, you can import a collection of files in .md, .docx, or .html formats and convert them into pages that are ready to be edited and made available online as documents. This feature makes it easy to upload and organize large amounts of content, so you can work more efficiently.
🚀 PDF Import
The PDF Import feature allows you to import PDF files and convert them into page content, ready to be made available online as part of your documents. This means you can easily integrate your PDFs into your documents without having to manually create the pages. You can edit and customize the pages as you see fit, so your PDF content can seamlessly fit into your document workflow.
🎉 Support for Custom Scripts
This being one of the top asks, now with this support, you can add any third-party custom scripts to your workspace and it will be made available to your documentation. Be it any chat or analytics tool or any 3rd party script that you may want to integrate, it would be possible now. You can find the option in ‘Integrations’ section.
🚀 Code block embed
For those having a technical product, having code blocks in documentation is inevitable. With this support, you can now embed beautiful code blocks in more than 20 languages.
The option is available right inside the editor and once you select the language of your code, it automatically creates a code block of it with nice highlights.
Team Support
One of the most critical and frequent asked feature, Team Support, is finally Live Now 🎉!
Team Support is a premium feature available in paid plans using which you can:
  • Bring your team to collaborate and work on your documentations
  • Invite them to your account
  • Give them roles specific to the work you want them to work on
  • Assign/Un-assign workspaces to them as per need
  • Change roles
  • Remove team member from account
To check the details around the same, please follow the guide here: https://docs.dewstack.com/docs/team-support/what-is-team-support
Ability to duplicate a documentation/workspace
Well, this was one of the major asks 🙂, to allow for workspace duplication so you can re-use the content across. And we have gone live with that finally!
To do so:
  1. Go to the 'My Workspaces' page
  2. Click on the 3-dot menu on the workspace card you wish to make a copy of
  3. Click on 'Duplicate Workspace' option
  4. You will get a prompt, click on 'Duplicate' button there
  5. You are done!
Multi-lingual support
When it comes to documentation, it should support majority of languages, if not all. Keeping that in mind, we added support for the following languages:
🇫🇷 French
🇩🇪 German
🇨🇳 Chinese
🇹🇭 Thai
🇯🇵 Japanese
🇵🇱 Polish
🇳🇱 Dutch
🇸🇪 Swedish
🇮🇹 Italian
🇪🇸 Spanish
Please see the guide here to enable the same: https://docs.dewstack.com/docs/multi-lingual/multi-lingual
Integration with Google Analytics
Integrating your workspace with Google Analytics will automatically send tracking information e.g. page views, sessions, demographics etc from your documentation directly to your Google Analytics account.
To enable the integration:
  1. Click on 'Integrations'
  2. Under section 'Google Analytics', enter your UA Id (Tracking Id) or GA4 Id ( Measurement Id).
  3. Click 'Save'
  4. Thats it! It will be enabled now on your documentation
Support for pre-defined templates
We know how difficult it is to start from scratch every time, more so when every type of documentation requires a different structure and at times you don't even know what that is.
To cater to that, we have added 6 different types of templates that you can use to get started quickly. They are:
  • Product Document
  • System Design
  • Release Notes
  • User Manual
  • FAQs
  • Personal Notes
If you think we should be adding any more types of templates, please drop us an email at support@dewstack.com. We would be happy to incorporate that🙂.
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